Important note

This project was retired on March 20th, 2017 .

Thank you for your interest, please visit for more.

How to play

Create and join a game.

Open a browser to and create a game. This will give you a unique URL to pass out to your friends. Anyone who goes to that URL can enter their name, and then will join your lobby. You can adjust settings using the gear button, then hit start game when everyone's ready.

Start talking crazy!

As the instigator of this stupid thing, you'll start out as the dealer When the dealer hits the button, the next player is given a card and a time limit.

When you see your card, it's time to say crazy things. Your job is to try to convince the other players that your statement is actually true. Other players can't see your topic at this point, so use whatever method you can to convince others of your statement's underpinning logic. Which is to say, try to invent some logic.

Occasionally, a statement will be marked "hard", it's worth bonus points.

Impose judgement.

Now that you've all said stupid things, it's time to make some decisions. You'll be given a list of the other player's statements, and you must vote for which is the most wrong and the least wrong

Each time your statement is voted least wrong, you'll get a point. Statements voted most wrong are tracked, so that we can pay attention to this sort of thing later.

That's pretty much it.

Contribute to the project

There's a number of ways you can help The Wrongest Words to go from a little weekend project to being the kind of thing that's talked about so often that you end up feeling a little embarassed that you still like it as much as you do. This is a future you can help create.

Contribute on GitHub

The whole project is up on GitHub and is available for anyone to see. If you have a bug report or suggestion you can put an issue in, or if you're programmatically inclined, we will take pull requests.

Tell people about the game

There's a whole lot of social networks, and you're probably a member of at least one of them. You could use this social network to tell people about the game, or if you're really bold, you could try to talk to people in the real world!

Suggest a card

Have your own idea for a card, or maybe lots of ideas for lots of cards? That's terrific, I think I have a suggest a card button around here somewhere. I'm trying to think of... Oh, wait, maybe it's under this paragraph?

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